Ian Filippini: Charitable Trusts

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Ian Filippini

Charitable Trusts

In their estate planning process, and in seeking financial advice, some people choose to make large gifts to charity, which is a wonderful thing.  Another wonderful thing would be to make these large gifts to charity while also getting considerable tax benefits.  A great way to do this is to create a charitable trust.  In this article, I will briefly define what a charitable trust is and how it works.

There are four main things to know when considering a charitable trust.  Charitable trusts can be started while you are still alive, only charities that are tax exempt qualify, you get a break on your income taxes, and charitable trusts are irreversible.

Starting a charitable trust when you are alive can give you the most tax advantages.  A charitable trust can not only make a gift to a charity, but create some form of income to you or a person that you choose.  Always confirm estate planning decisions and get your financial advice from your financial consultant.

The charity that you choose for your trust must be a tax exempt charity.  This means that they are exempt under the IRS section 501(c)(3).  There are many, many charities that qualify under this section.  If you are not sure whether your chosen charity qualifies, contact the IRS to see if it is on the public charities list.

However much the value of the gift you are giving to the charity is deductible from your income taxes.  This is important financial advice that could help you determine the amount of gift you wish to leave to the charity.

A very important thing to remember when deciding on creating a charitable trust is that it will be irreversible.  This means you cannot take back anything you have left to the charity in the trust.  So be absolutely sure and get financial advice from a professional before you make any final decisions.

Ian Filippini, the current president of Filippini Financial Group, Inc., has authored and written a number of articles relating to real estate, insurance, tax, asset protection, financial advice, and estate planning. Filippini Financial Group, Inc. and Ian Filippini have spent many years using their unique expertise and hands on approach to provide value to hundreds of retirees and pre-retirees in many areas of wealth management.

Filippini Financial Group, Inc. created, founded and run by Ian Filippini’s late father Alfred Filippini. Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is still located in the heart of Santa Barbara on Coast Village Road in Montecito, California. Ian Filippini’s mother, Deborah Filippini, and brother, Alex Filippini, moved to the Montecito and Santa Barbara area.

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Ian Filippini: An Offer You Can’t Refuse: Estate Planning

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse: Estate Planning

We men like to think of ourselves as invincible or indestructible. Many have made it through war, the streets, or life in general with this philosophy. We are never sick, we are never tired and we are never ever going to die. At least that is what men think. Everyone will get sick. Everyone will get tired at some point. Eventually all of us will die. But it is the tough guy persona that lets men navigate their way around this dangerous world. Mostly men get the idea from seeing others get by with the same grimace on their face and tough guy bravado. There tough guys don’t think about death or even estate planning! We have seen it first hand in life, but we men generally think back to the more entertaining times we saw this in the movies.

Marlon Brando was a cinematic genius from a young age. His strong persona and jaw line helped show men what a real man was and how they were supposed to act. I the Godfather Marlon Brando’s character slaps a “famous” male singer in the face for crying and tells him to act like a man! It steeps into men’s brains how a real man is supposed to act. Some came to the conclusion that real men do not die and do not deal with death. Marlon Brando did do estate planning and did have an estate plan, but did not want to tinker with it or update it more than he had to. Since he was dead, Marlon was probably at peace, but he girlfriend was none the better. She had claimed that Marlon Brando promised her the house she was currently living in and a permanent job at one of the companies owned by Marlon Brando. Marlon Brando had told the girlfriend the house was in his name for tax reasons and to protect her. His estate had to pay the cost of thousands of dollars to argue, in court, with the girlfriend about the validity of her claim. When all was said and done, the estate ended up settling with the girlfriend for around $125,000 to cover the home she lived in. The girlfriend also receive an undisclosed sum that was settled out of court for her job promised by Brando. Estate Planning needs to be solid tight to prevent anyone coming back to challenge it.

Ian Filippini’s was raised by both his dad and mom, Alfred Filippini (passed away in 2009) and Deborah Filippini. They all loved living in the Montecito and the Santa Barbara area. Ian Filippini’s also has a younger brother, Alex Filippini. They both also worked for Filippini Financial Group, Inc.

No advice is given or intended.  This article is not to be considered legal advice.  Ian Filippini is not an attorney.  Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is not a law firm.

Ian Filippini: California Estate Planning

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California Estate Planning

Whether your estate is large or small, you need or will need estate planning.  A decision need to be made for someone to be designated to manage your assets and make personal and health care (could be separate people) decisions for you in case you are unable to do so for yourself.   Estate planning gives you control over how your assets will distributed and who will inherit your assets after your death. It is critical to always be looking forward. If you do not plan ahead, you could face probate court and a judge. That judge has the ability to appoint someone to handle your assets and personal care (once again it could be separate people to care for each need.

All of your known property or assets should be included in your estate planning strategies.  There is certain language required to ensure that when assets held alone or jointly are included, as well as stocks or bonds, cars, real estate, jewelry and bank accounts; that they will still be included within the estate, even if they are not specifically mentioned.

Some estates do not necessarily have to worry about estate tax or inheritance or gift tax. A smaller estate may choose to keep its focus on who you want to inherit your assets property when you pass. There is still work to do after you are well and gone. Managing your estate and paying your debts as well as the distribution of your assets are a necessity and should be a part of any estate planning process being considered.  A larger estate would include preserving your assets and reducing the amount of estate tax that would be owed at the time of your death. The value of your estate determines whether your estate will owe state taxes after your death.  Capital gains could be accessed on your beneficiaries depending on your state and current financial or net worth situation.

Some issues to consider when estate planning are:

-Who you want to inherit your assets and when

-Who you would want to be the executor of your estate

-The care and responsibility of your minor child/children.

-The care and responsibility of any medically dependent children

-Durable Power of Attorney for health and financial circumstances.

-Health care Directive

-Funeral and burial directions


No advice is given or intended.  This article is not to be considered legal advice.  Ian Filippini is not an attorney.  Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is not a law firm.

Ian Filippini was brought into our world by parents, Alfred Filippini (deceased) and Deborah Filippini. The family has lived in the Montecito (Santa Barbara) area. Ian Filippini’s
brother, Alex Filippini, also worked for Filippini Financial Group, Inc.

Ian Filippini: Celebrities: Estate Planning Mistakes

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Ian Filippini

Celebrities: Estate Planning Mistakes

It is definitely amusing to see how much worship we praise on celebrities. This is common place throughout the world, but very prevalent in the United States. It seems to courts, police, and legal system in general allow celebrities to slide more than the average Joe. Many of us get the feeling that these celebrities are untouchable and can really do no wrong. We may have that perception but it is not the case in estate planning. Celebrities are not exempt from estate taxes and should plan accordingly with a solid estate plan. Unfortunately, some of the celebrities mentioned below actually made mistakes in estate planning and died before they could correct those errors. Again, all of the deaths mentioned below were tragic. We are not casting opinions, doubts or judgment on the deaths of these celebrities. We are simply noting their estate planning mistakes as an example for us of what to avoid.

Heath Ledger was a teen heart throb to many young girls and The Joker to us comic book or movie nerds. Not only that he was quite talented and made a lot of money. All the more shock when Heath Ledger died in 2008 at the young age of 28. Although Heath has the foresight to do planning, he actually created the estate plan three years before his death, Heath did not update the estate plan to include the changes that took place over three years. He actually had a daughter in that time and did not change the estate plan to include his daughter. Heath left everything to his parents and sisters. He did not intentionally leave his daughter out of the will, but that still does not mean it can be changed after the fact.

Jimi Hendrix was a musician that changed the music industry because he was so far ahead of his time (musically). It was the 1960’s and 1970’s and everyone was having a good time, especially Jimi Hendrix. Jimi was also a young man at age 27, no need for him to consider an estate plan, he thought. When Jimi died in 1970 without an estate plan or even a will, his father received everything. His close brother was left out entirely and when Jimi’s father passed he cut out all of the Hendrix family except for a newly adopted daughter from another marriage.

Ian Filippini’s parents, Alfred Filippini (deceased) and Deborah Filippini, lived in the Montecito (Santa Barbara) area with his younger brother Alex Filippini. Ian and his brother, Alex also worked for Filippini Financial Group, Inc.

No advice is given or intended.  This article is not to be considered legal advice.  Ian Filippini is not an attorney.  Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is not a law firm.

Ian Filippini: Taxes and Death

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Ian Filippini

Taxes and Death

Taxes occur throughout our lives. Every time you buy something, sell something or win something, you will pay taxes on it. You earn money and face taxes. Even when you die, your estate may be forced to pay taxes. If you thought that your will outlined your specific goals for where your assets will go after you die you may not realize just how real the potential is for your family to lose a lot of money to taxes. You can do something about this without your estate having to face bankruptcy.

Getting Estate Planning Help

To make this simple, realize that a will may not be enough. Having a will might not stop the probate process, but actually may encourage it to occur. While a will might not help you, there are steps you can take. First, realize that probate court is the legal process where your estate (which is everything you own) will be distributed. The court looks at what you own, may take ownership of it, pays off your creditors over a lengthy process and, in some cases, forces the sale of property to help pay off your debtors or to divide the property among your heirs. The problem is, your estate may also owe a hefty tax.

To avoid this, you need to contact a professional to help you to plan your estate’s final distribution. The estate planning experts at Filippini Financial Group, including Ian Lucas Filippini, can help you to plan your estate to reduce risks associated with your estate. You may be able to create a plan where property does not go through probate and therefore is not subjected to the hefty fees your family is likely to pay after you die without proper planning.

Ask yourself this question. You have worked hard all of your life to build something, perhaps a business or just assets of value. Do you really want to hand over as much a fifty percent of that to the government? If not, now is the time to choose the right way to plan your estate. You can do this through an effective estate plan. Of course, that plan needs to include much more, including a method to dividing your assets and reducing your risk of probate lawsuits. You can reduce taxes, with an estate plan.

No advice is given or intended.  This article is not to be considered legal advice.  Ian Filippini is not an attorney.  Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is not a law firm.  Ian Filippini is the son of the late Alfred Filippini, the son of Deborah Filippini, and the brother of Alex Filippini.

Ian Filippini: Romantic Date Nights for Couples in Santa Barbara

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Ian Filippini

Romantic Date Nights for Couples in Santa Barbara

One of the most romantic cities in California is Santa Barbara. Nestled along the Pacific  Ocean, the city is elegant, upscale and with mild-mannered temperatures throughout the year, making it the  perfect atmosphere for couples. And, thanks to the abundance of couple-themed activities, special nights of love and lust can be plentiful. No matter what you want to do or what your idea of fun, there is a plethora of things that can excite your date night.

Let’s take a look at some of the many great ways to spend a night out on the town with the one that you love. Enjoy one, enjoy them all, and remember that this is just the beginning of the romance that can be created in the city. Now you’ll never again suffer through a boring date again!

A Couples Paradise

Want to enjoy the gentle breeze offered in the city? A downtown stroll is one of the best ways to spend the evening with the person that you love, and that fresh air tousling the hair about will certainly spark your fire. Nights in the city are near-perfect, and the downtown area is full of things to see-and-do to entertain your time. As you walk downtown, the strong Spanish heritage of the city will be noted in many of the buildings and decor. It is beautiful to say the least. Another idea for downtown enjoyment and a great date –rent bikes and ride together.

What date night is complete without dinner? Thanks to the great romantic restaurants in the city, the perfect dinner date is always possible. Bouchon is one such name. The elegant ambiance of the restaurant sets the mood for romance, and the personalized attention from the staff ensure a night well-spent. One taste of the menu items and you will understand why locals all this one of the best upscale spots around. Choices   include a delicious maple and bourbon glazed duck head and sea bass. Several other restaurants, including Wine Cask, Sly’s, and Blue Agave, can cater to the romance that you seek.

A Beach Date to Remember

A night on the beach is as romantic as it gets, and of course this is a city with a plentiful supply of crystal blue waters and sand for your enjoyment. There are many different beaches in the city, but the best for your romance is  the Thousand Step Beach. Spicing things up on your beach date is also fairly easy, as it is often the ‘little things’ that make the night the most.

Add that extra spark to the night by  boating out to the Channel Islands or scuba diving during the day. She might like whale watching, a popular pastime for locals and visitors in the area, while he is sure to find pleasure in kayaking.

A Special Date Night for Two

Visit the Float Luxury Spa, a resort that provides an 80-minute couples relaxation retreat sure to spark the desires for one another while pampering and pleasing body, mind and soul. Massages, foot rubs and soaks and manicures/pedicures are among the planned activities for the retreat. From the moment that you walk inside of the door you know that you are in for a real treat. Tranquil smells calm and relax, and before you leave, a new and heightened sensuality will flow throughout you.

This is just one of many of the great spas found in the city, so if this one doesn’t meet your needs, do not be hesitant to check out one of the other choices. A visit to the spa is certainly an adventure in the making, and one that will never be forgotten. Who knows? It could be this visit that also helps build a passionate feel for the one that you love so much.

Loving One Another

Celebrate one another with a fantastic Santa Barbara getaway and enjoy at least one of the fun activities listed above. The friendly professionals over at Filippini Financial Group (including Ian Filippini) recommend these activities to everyone. There isn’t a better way to show your partner how much they mean to  you than with a romantic getaway. And now you don’t have to travel very far for that trip and for that special evening together.

Filippini Financial Group is operated by Ian Filippini. The company offers an array of financial-related services to couples in any faucet of their relationship. Ian Filippini opened the Filippini Financial Group to help other people, and thanks to his expertise and big heart, this is a goal accomplished with each customer served.

Ian Filippini: Santa Barbara Art Escapes

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Ian Filippini

Santa Barbara Art Escapes

Santa Barbara Art Escapes

Santa Barbara is a versatile city with an eclectic mixture of people. There’s the college crowd attending University of California Santa Barbara, ready to party the night away in between their studies. There’s the business professionals who live in the city because of its affluent nature. There’s celebrities who couldn’t imagine living anywhere but on this gorgeous coastline. It is safe to say the city has something to offer to everyone, and that doesn’t stop when it comes to the attractions available in the city.

Art is an important part of the city, and there’s certainly something for the wide variety of people that make up the area. The great Spanish influence found throughout the architecture of the city can also be found in the various art forms, too. From theater to paintings and sculptures and more, take a look at a few of the best places for art in the city, and be sure to add these stops to your itinerary because you don’t want to miss these spots. Ian Filippini, Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. President, enjoys visiting each of these places and assures that you will find them just as amazing.

Gallery 113 is located downtown on State Street, amidst all of the many other activities and attractions that bring visitors to the area. This gallery presents original artwork from local artists. In addition to the artwork on display, there are numerous exhibitions that help showcase new talent and their works. You will find paintings, drawings, jewelry, ceramic items and much, much more on display and ready for your viewing pleasure. There is a wide variety of art on display inside of Gallery 113, so you do not want to miss out on a visit to this one.

The Santa Barbara Museum of Art is another State Street art gallery you will not want to miss out on visiting. It is one of the most popular museums in the entire city, as well as one of the leading art galleries in the entire West Coast area. With one look at the magnitude of artwork on display it is easy to understand why so many people love visiting this museum. There are displays of artwork from famous names and local artists alike, and there are also many tours, talks and other fun going on. Included in the museum’s display is drawings, sculptures and paintings.

Sullivan Goss is a product of American Gallery, and inside of the art gallery, guests can enjoy more than 25 years’ worth of artists work, dating back to the 19th century.  More than 3,000 pieces of art can be found inside of the downtown gallery, which includes drawings and paintings, watercolors and sculptures. The center also serves as a research collaborative and hosts several exhibits per year for up and coming artists who want their work notice.  Ian Filippini recommends all inspiring artists check out Sullivan Goss!

Waterhouse Gallery is another State Street specialty you will want to add to your list of must visit galleries. A local favorite since 1984, the close location to the Museum of Art makes this a stop that can easily be scheduled into your plans. Inside of the Waterhouse Gallery you can find paintings and various other forms of art work from painting professionals located in Western states, with a new variety of pieces added on a regular basis.

University Art Museum is yet another great place to view various forms of art. Located inside of the University of California Santa Barbara, the Art Museum contains a number of fin exhibitions, all with a unique educational twist thrown in the mix. The museum is open Wednesday through Saturday.

Art is a reflection of unspoken words. It can speak in high volume, set afire emotions and feelings you never knew were within. With a visit to any of these galleries you are certain to find those words you never had before. These galleries will certainly leave you inspired and yearning for more, and one thing that you can count on is the city to have plenty of fantastic galleries so you never grow tired of the works available.

Take the sound advice of the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. and Ian Filippini and add these art galleries to your list of stops. You won’t be disappointed with the stunning artwork that  you discover inside! And when you’re done with your day of adventure, be certain to make a stop at the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. to discover what these professionals can do for your finances!

Ian Filippini: Insurance – An Important Part of Financial Planning For People Residing In Santa Barbara

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Ian Filippini

Insurance – An Important Part of Financial Planning For People Residing In Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara knows most people are now planning their finances to invest in the real estate market in Santa Barbara. However, according to Ian Filippini, the president of Filippini Financial Group, if you are living in Santa Barbara, planning the financial aspect of your insurance should not be neglected. As part of numerous wealth management services offered by Ian Filippini, he also explains the importance of planning your insurance from a financial perspective.

Risk Management and the Need for Insurance

Although, risk management is usually ignored in financial planning, Ian Filippini illustrates how it affects the overall wealth management of your family. What sort of risks is the president of Filippini Financial Group, talking about?

  • Risks to one’s health are often perceived as remote. However, failure to discuss the probable deaths and disabilities of you and your family members may lead to severe financial losses for you and your loved ones. Ian Filippini as an eminent name in the city of Santa Barbara, for your wealth management solution, stresses on devising a contingency plan for such scenarios.
  •  There is a boom in the financial investments in the city of Santa Barbara. However, according to the president of Filippini Financial Group, the increasing incidences of frauds and other factors in this city can prove to be financially disastrous to you. Therefore, a risk management plan is critical.

Once people have decided to opt for a risk management plan, the solution to mitigate these risks is the proper financial planning of insurance and its use. Ian Filippini, talks about the need for special considerations on long-term insurances such as disability, life and property insurances. The process of acquiring these insurance services is complex and requires financial investment. Therefore, the well-known Filippini Financial Group, under the expertise of Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, also offers a comprehensive financial consulting plan for acquiring insurance in Santa Barbara.

Financially Planning Different Types of Insurance

The Filippini Financial Group incorporates brilliant ways to finance your insurance and cut down the financial requirements. This usually involves thorough research in the services offered by insurance companies compared to their costs, which falls under the expertise of Ian Filippini. He gives prime importance to a customized financial plan for your insurance for people living in the city of Santa Barbara.


1.      Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is also often referred to as umbrella liability coverage and is used for the protection of assets. When all other arenas covering the lawsuits and personal liabilities have been exhausted, liability insurance is utilized. Ian Filippini encourages including liability insurance in the financial planning of the residents of Santa Barbara, because most of them possess considerable assets and have high incomes. The wealth management plan with the president of Filippini Financial Group includes this type of insurance, which can help you lower costs as high as $1 million to just a few hundred dollars per year!

2.      Health Insurance

Filippini Financial Group offers the residents of Santa Barbara a customized financial plan to gain the best health insurance apart from what their employers provide them. This plan is based on extensive financial research on the following parameters of insurance companies:

  • Coverage choices,
  • Location,
  • Deductibles.

3.      Life Insurance

Life insurance is not only used in cases of death according to the common belief of people living in Santa Barbara. It can also be used for financially planning your retirement, which is an important aspect of securing your future by a comprehensive wealth management plan. Financial planning for life insurance offered by Filippini Financial Group includes:

  • Cash flow,
  • Age,
  • Discretionary income

4.      Long-term Insurance

Most people living in Santa Barbara need special attention in managing their finances for the long-term insurance. The population of this city is comprised of aging adults, and therefore a secure plan tailored with good financial guidance is required for many of its citizens. The excessive burden of costs of nursing homes or personal health care provided at home, can lead to disastrous economical downfall for the family in later years.

Filippini Financial Group manages the financial aspect of the insurance of people living in Santa Barbara. This plan is tailored according to the individual financial situation and need. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara encourages the increasing population of this city to pay close attention to their insurance while planning their wealth management tools to ensure a secure future for their family and themselves.

Ian Filippini: Important Considerations When Estate Planning

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Ian Filippini

Important Considerations When Estate Planning

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara is a blog located in the county of Santa Barbara, California with a growing population and thriving economy. After Santa Maria, it is ranked the second largest city in the county. Ian Filippini, the current president of Filippini Financial Group is situated in the area of Santa Barbara. Ian Filippini holds a reputable image as an estate advisor for the area of Santa Barbara. Filippini Financial Group seeks to provide you with a comprehensive guidance on special considerations during the process of estate planning.

The earlier the better

If you are thinking of estate planning in Santa Barbara, Ian Filippini of Filippini Financial Group stresses on taking the initiative as early as possible. Usually, people consider estate planning for the old age group. However, once you do not have the mental capacity to deal with the long and tiring procedures of estate planning, you are bound to be trapped by frauds.

According to the research of Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, the current president of Filippini Financial Group, Santa Barbara is heavily populated with an older age group. This is because of its serene and beautiful locations that offer an idyllic retiring option.

Ian Filippini also encourages earlier estate planning because once the older population living in Santa Barbara have lost their mental capacity; it is too mentally and financially burdensome for the dependent relatives to legally work out the estate plan. In such cases, there is no other option except going to the court and bogged down by legal formalities. There is a great deal of stress for your loved ones to wait for the courts to appoint a guardian or conservator. In cases of death, the legal formalities incur far heavier financial losses.

Revise your plan

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, the current president of Filippini Financial Group which he founded with his father Alfred Filippini, has been living in the area of Santa Barbara for several years. Ian Filippini is the most trusted name if you need a management plan of your wealth in the area of Santa Barbara. A complete estate plan by a dedicated financial group such as the Filippini Financial Group does not only initiate and process your estate plan but also guarantees its revision as necessary. The fluctuations in Santa Barbara’s economy and real estate market every year require refined and revised estate plan. Ian Filippini recommends that once the estate plan has been designed, it should be revised every subsequent year. Furthermore, Ian Filippini’s experience and research of wealth management, working at the renowned Filippini Financial Group, can guarantee an updated estate plan for you.

Revocable Living Trust

Estate Planning is a complex procedure and one mistake can lead to the entire plan crumbling. It is important to make sure to completely fund your revocable living trust for a successful estate plan. In addition, Ian Filippini elaborates that failure to do so might lead to some of your assets ending up in probate. According to Ian Filippini’s experience, the most common problem lies in the limited knowledge of people working out their estate plan with attorneys and financial consulting services who are not aware of tax implications as a result of a client’s estate plan. The president of the renowned Filippini Financial Group illustrates that the funding of the trust should be given equal importance to the process of creating it.
Furthermore, titled assets in the name of the trust should be an important consideration in the estate plan. This is because, without a title to the assets, the trust agreement will be useless to determine the long-term fate of the assets. In extreme situations such as death or diseases leading to the mental incapacity of the owner, the assets will have to be probated in order to transfer their control to the dependent members of the family.

Choosing the trustee

A simple yet mostly neglected part of an estate plan is choosing the trustee. Choosing the trustee wisely should be given top priority in the estate plan. According to Ian Filippini, this should take into account the relationship between the two people involved, which is of chief importance for a successful estate plan.

Ian Filippini, the current president of the Filippini Financial Group has years of experience and tremendous knowledge to provide you with a complete and comprehensive estate plan as a part of your wealth management process in the city of Santa Barbara. They also advise you on the best attorneys in the region for legal work while they help you manage the financial aspect of the process.

Ian Filippini: Santa Barbara

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Ian Filippini

Santa Barbara

Many people have described Santa Barbara, California as paradise.  Situated between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara has something for everybody in its almost 42 square miles.  You can hike up in the mountains and feel like you are in a different world, spend time playing at the beach, or enjoy some of the many restaurants the city has to offer (Ask a local like Ian Filippini for the best spot in town).

Santa Barbara is known for many things; it’s beauty, nature, diversity, culture, educational opportunities, wine, and history.  In this article, I will touch on just a few of the wonderful things Santa Barbara has to offer.  To really understand and appreciate the beauty of this city, you must experience it for yourself.

From the rose gardens at the Santa Barbara Mission, to the sands of Butterfly Beach, Santa Barbara definitely has a lot of beautiful scenery all around.  The wonderfully mild climate in Santa Barbara allows its residents and visitors to enjoy its outdoor beauty during most of the year.  If you are ever in Santa Barbara visiting, or live here and just want to do a little sightseeing, the Landshark is a great tour to go on (Also a favorite of Ian Filippini and his Nephew Drew).  This tour will show you the beauty of Santa Barbara’s land and sea (and you will learn a lot about the city’s history too)!

There are many performing arts venues in Santa Barbara.  The Lobero, Granada and Arlington theaters are just a few of the places you can find wonderful acting, dancing and singing performances all year round.  It can be great fun for people of all ages!

Many people think of college when they think of Santa Barbara.  This may be because Santa Barbara has many higher education institutions.  Not only is there The University of California at Santa Barbara, but there is Santa Barbara City College, Westmont College, Antioch University and several other colleges and universities also. Ian Filippini can also help with planned giving to local Santa Barbara education centers.

Perhaps one of the tastiest things about Santa Barbara is the wonderful wine that comes from nearby Santa Ynez!  There are many great wineries to visit and have tastings at all throughout the Santa Barbara area.

Ian Filippini, the current president of Filippini Financial Group, Inc. Ian Filippini the author of articles dealing with many different topics that include: financial consulting, financial advice, real estate, insurance, tax, asset protection, and estate planning. Filippini Financial Group, Inc. and Ian Filippini use  their hands on approach to provide value to hundreds clients.

Filippini Financial Group, Inc. originally founded by (Ian Filippini’s late father) Alfred Filippini. Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is located in Montecito, California. Ian Filippini’s mother, Deborah Filippini, and Ian Filippini’s brother, Alex Filippini (Filippini Financial Group, Inc.), moved to the Montecito and Santa Barbara area.